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Broomball News:
If anyone has any Broomball news or information please email Gary @ or Tom @ and we will publish it on YOUR Adirondack Broomball web page. 

Adirondack Broomball League 2006

February 16, 2006
The President's Cup is officially canceled!

No make up date has been scheduled.

February 17, 2006
The Labatt Ice-Out Tournament
- Sunday Feb 19th Noon - 5 at the GF Civic Center
This Sunday, February 19th from 12:15 - 5:00pm at the Glens Falls Civic Center.
This is an individual sign up - not a team event.
Basically it's somewhere in between a mini Iron Man and a deluxe open brooms.

First 44 PAID players are in.
First 4 that are goalies will draft the teams.

4 team round robin with the top 2 teams playing off.
(that's 3 guaranteed games with the top 2 teams playing 4 games, all in a five hour span).

5 on 5 plus goalies, non-checking, two 15 minute halves, 7' x 5' goals, red line in/out, paid officials, prizes for the winning team.

Cost is $22 per player (what a deal).
I expect this to fill up quickly.
Refunds will be honored for valid reasons or if the tourney can't be played.
Cash, checks made out to 'Adirondack Broomball League' or credit cards now being accepted c/o Impressive Imprints.

Open to all calibers of play, (including beginners) from anywhere.

Remember: "First 44 PAID players are in.", refunds available, additional players can be put on a 'waiting list'.  Call Gary to reserve your spot!

Adirondack Broomball League 2005

**Adirondack Broomball League party 

As always The ABL Party was a great time for all!  The BIG winners this year were the girls.  Jen took the winner and "show" places in the calcutta.  Cindy walked away with a new set of golf clubs, and Layne grabbed the winning horse in the "draw" pool.  Kirk Barton took home what ever prizes were left over! 

There was plenty of FREE draft beer, soda & delicious food catered by the Full Moon.  

The ABL would like to thank Gary, Tadd, Adam and all other helpers, for putting on a fantastic day!  

Tadd and Adam and Full Moon Staff thank you for your hospitality throughout the year!

To All the Ice helpers this year - Thank You!

A special Thanks goes out to Gary for all you do for the league!

Bookie Gary
Gary Going over the racing odds
Take all the money - Jen
and the winner is Jen!
Grandpa Nic

Nic is just happy to be here!

Dave with dinner
Get - R - Done Dave!
Kirk and Cindy
Can Kirk talk Cindy out of her club?
Cindy's Big clubs Cindy took home the whole bag!

February 24, 2005 - HIG 3 - Frostbite 2
After trailing 2-1, JD Jr. ties it up in the second half and then blasts in the gamer in OT.
Excellent game by these 2 teams, both capable of going the distance.

Iron Clad 5 - Labatt 0
Much better game than the score reflects. 1-0 at the half with the Blues just unable to find the back of the net. 5th goal came as the last minute was winding down. Appears as a mercy, but was a hard played game for a full 50 minutes.

February 23, 2005 - 
ATS 2 - American 1
Close call for ATS with a controversial goal and killing off a game ending 4 on 2 against a short handed American Tree team playing without their regular goalie and another key player out with an injury.

McCann's 9 - Poulin Roofing 1
Ah, the suffering is over for PR. Time to build for the future.

Both winners advance to league semis on Saturday.

For upcoming Labatt Ice-Out 3on3 Play, and Open Ice see Message Board. 

Check out the Outlaw's website Check out their stats and who they play, and check out their write up of the President's Cup:

Outlaw's take President's Cup
Copied from The Outlaw's website
The Oswego Outlaws recently participated in the 2005 Adirondack Broomball President's cup tournament February 19th & 20th in Glens Falls NY. The Tournament is a 4 on 4, short ice tournament
with two 20 minute periods.

On an outdoor rink the Outlaws played their first game of the tournament at 1:45pm against HIG (Adirondack) for a 3-2 Win. Outlaw goals being scored by Robb Crisafulli, Mike Thompson & Bob Schadt.

The Next game was a 4:45pm start time against Poulin Roofing (Adirondack), with a 10-0 win, goals being scored by Jack Pascarella (3 goals 2 assists), Russ Crisafulli (2 goals , 4 assists), Robb Crisafulli (1 goal, 3 assists), Gary Bowhall (1 goal, 2 assists), Brendan Benson, Dan Henner & Bob Schadt all putting up goals for the Outlaws!
The 10 goals scored the Outlaws bumped Iron Clad (Adirondack) for the 2nd place team slot.

Sunday morning start at 11:45, the Outlaws played the Time Warner Ice Rats (Syracuse) for a 5-0 Win.
Goals being scored by Robb Crisafulli (2 goals), Dan Henner (2 goals) and Russ Crisafulli (1 goal, 3 assists).

On to the Semi Finals against the American Tree (Adirondack).
The game was scoreless until just before the half, when Mike Thompson let loose from center Ice
to score for the Outlaws!
Oswego took the win with a 5-1 score.
Scoring for the team was Mike Thompson (1 goal), Russ Crisafulli (2 goals), Robb Crisafulli (1 goal, 2 assists),
Barry Sharkey (1 goal).

The Championship game was played against the Adirondack Tree Surgeons (Adirondack) with a 15 minute break for the Outlaws.
Outlaws took the lead with a goal scored by Russ Crisafulli, and another by Russ Crisafulli before the half, left the Outlaws with a 2-0 lead into the 2nd half of the game. Russ Crisafulli racking up another goal for the Hat trick in the game and Robb Crisafulli ( 1 goal, 2 assists) scoring an empty netter to end the game with a 4-1 final score!!
Some amazing saves by goal tender, Rick Crisafulli ensured the Wins for the Outlaws!!!!
Congrat's to the Outlaws for a GREAT tournament!

18 February - Welcome to the Adirondack Broomball President's Cup Tournament 2005.

President's Cup Recap
by Bino

1st Oswego Outlaws 5-0 +23GD (Goal Differential).
As predicted, they were out to prove that they were the team to beat after underachieving last year, here and in Plattsburg. Dominated on Sunday 5-0, 5-1 & 4-1. #88 Captain Russ Crisafulli takes home the hardware and "Most Outstanding Player" scoring the first three goals in the Chip.

2nd Adirondack Tree Surgeons 4-1 +19GD
Not as solid without Timmy in net. Narrow wins over a short-handed Full Moon team, a penalty riddled Massena and a close come from behind over HIG. Bench was deep, teaming up with 4 from the Frostbite. Maybe a little too deep?

3T Home Improvement Gallery 2-2 +5GD
Unable to hold a 4-2 lead against ATS on Sunday to go to the finals. New keeper a little shaky in net but continuing to improve each game. 21 PIM (penalties in minutes) in first three games, but none in their semifinal game, which perhaps kept them in it. No surprise doing as well as they did.

3T American Tree 2-2 -2GD.
As Bino noted, Coach Bunns & company made this team a contender. Strong leadership and only 9 PIM pushed this team to the semis. Eliminated Iron Clad early on Sunday, shutting them out in regulation and in the first OT. Their tourney team had no weaknesses on the ice.

5T Iron Clad 2-1 +7GD.
Throw the W-L & GD out the window with this tourney's format. Zero goals against in all 3 regulation games and OT. Tally first, in the 2nd OT, w/o goalies, missed several empty netters then gave up the next 2, in a 5 minute, most goals, tie breaker against American. Sunday's team much weaker than Saturday's team w/o Mitchell. Paco's still gotta be shaking his head.

5T Time Warner Ice Rats (Syracuse) 2-2 -1GD.
Adjusted well to 4 on 4, short ice, outdoor brooms. Experienced veterans could have used a little more depth. 2 W's handed to them by Beamers, one being a lame forfeit for which the director mustered up a scrimmage for them. Pleasure to have them attend.

5T The Full Moon 1-2 -3GD.
Combo FM/Labatt team with no surprises other than keeping it close against ATS in their opener starting with 3 players and holding off an early 4 on 2. Like IC, only 3 PIM in all 3 games.

5T Open Net (Massena) 1-3 -9GD.
No shocker here - 36PIM. Adapted to the 4 on 4 outdoor ice quickly, but not to the no checking/no swearing tournament rules. 21PIM (that's only 14 minutes w/o) in their opener, including a triple minor, gave them no chance against American's 5-0 mercy game.

9 Poulin Roofing 0-3 -16GD.
18PIM didn't help these guys any. Surprise entry from the league's 2-10 team. Captain Steve-O just loves this sport. Keep going guys...

10 Beamers 0-3 -21GD.
Can't even give them their official 9T finish after showing up in monkey suits and then dropping a forfeit later that day. No business entering that unprepared, but the league looks forward to working with them on an expansion team for the 2006 season.

Excellent weather, good ice and a well run venue made this the biggest and best ABL tourney yet. Great job by all those that officiated, especially when getting together, after a whistle, and trying to make the proper call.

THE PRESIDENT'S CUP - The only recognized 4 on 4 short ice tournament in the Northeast.


2003 - Oswego Outlaws
2004 - Mother's Hurricanes
2005 - Oswego Outlaws

President's Cup - Sunday, 20 February 2005 -
Congratulations to the Oswego Outlaws,
the 2005 President's Cup Champions!  

Final game of the President's Cup 2005

Congratulations also to the runners up -
McDermott's/Adirondack Tree Surgeons - Nice job all weekend, and during your regular season!

Probably the best game all day was the game between Iron Clad and American Tree Service.  This game was all tied up at 0-0 at the end of regulation play.  It remained tied at the end of the first overtime period.  The only way that either team would score, was to pull the Goalies, for the second overtime!  Great job both teams, especially the Goalies.  American Trees did eventually pull out the win, only to run out of gas against the Outlaws! 

Penalty Shot
Penalty Shot in the second overtime actually hits the back side of the net.  However, American Trees do win in the 2nd OT.

*For More Photos Click Here

President's Cup - Final - Results
7:45 = Open Net over Poulin Roofing
8:45 = Syracuse over Beamers
9:45 = ATS over Open Net
10:45 = HIG over Full Moon
11:45 = Oswego over Syracuse
12:45 = Amer Tree over Iron Clad
1:45 = ATS over HIG
2:45 = Oswego over American Tree
3:45 = Oswego 3 ATS 1

President's Cup - Saturday - Full Moon Wins a game!  The Full Moon Team finally puts together a team, and a good game, to get a win!  Scoring highlights to come.

8:45 - ATS 4 & Full Moon 1
9:45 - Iron Clad 4 & A-Tree 0
10:45 - HIG 3 Poulin R. 0
11:45 - BEAMERS 0 & ATS 14
12:45 - Massena 0 & Iron Clad 4
1:45 - Oswego 3 & HIG 2
2:45 - Moon 4 & Syr IR 1
3:45 - A-Tree 5 & Massena 0
4:45 - PR 0 & Oswego 10
5:45 - SYR 2 & BEAMERS 0 (forfeit)
See Sunday Seeds below Photos.

**For More Photos Click Here!

1st game President's Cup 2005
**For More Photos Click Here!
Dan Hewitt goes hard after the ball.
The "Young Gun" Chris Howe
**For More Photos Click Here!
Full Moon looking for one.
Photos from the opening game of the President's Cup 2005
The Full Moon team showed up with just THREE players and a goalie!  After Chris Howe was seated with a penalty, the Moon was down to just two players, and their goalie.  Adam had to come out from working behind the bar to help.  Dan Hewitt scores for the Moon, and the goalie was OUTSTANDING! (Hire that guy for next year!)  All in all, that was a great game played by both teams!  The Full Moon did a fantastic job, keeping it a close game!

President's Cup Sunday Seeds
Single elimination play on Sunday.

7:45 = Poulin Roofing vs Open Net
8:45 = Beamers vs Syracuse
9:45 = 7:45 winner vs ATS
10:45 = Full Moon vs HIG
11:45 = 8:45 winner vs Oswego
12:45 = Amer Tree vs Iron Clad
1:45 = 9:45 winner vs 10:45 winner
2:45 = 11:45 winner vs 12:45 winner
3:45 = Chip

16 Feb 05 - HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY JIMMY RILEY - Full Moon Team!  Jim celebrated by announcing his retirement after 36 years of playing broomball!
As a good former Sunnyside RAT (and Homestead player), Kirk Barton helped Jimmy celebrate, by scoring two goals for the Full Moon!  Full Moon scoring ends at 6 for the young guns, and 6 with one unofficial goal for a total of 7 for the Old Guys!

HAPPY belated 58th BIRTHDAY BOBBY (B. B.) BEARD - Full Moon! -13th Feb! 

American Tree vs Frostbite
January 29, 2005 - American Tree battles
Adk Frostbite to a 4-4 tie.

February 14, 2005 -  We are down to the last week of regular games before the play off and the pressure is building.  Remember we are out here playing to have fun.  Let's not get to carried away with the game.  We do not need to embarrass ourselves or others in front of family and friends.  Let's have a nICE finish to the 2005 Season.

February 13, 2005 - Game scores being posted on the message board! The Full Moon team had their NET full all weekend.  However, they did manage a couple of scores.  Chris "the Young Gun" Howe scored and Dan Hewitt also got one.  We are giving Paco a unofficial score, as the spectators and players, believe his rocket-shot ripped a whole thru the back of the net (but was not counted.)  With one game to go the tally is Old Guys 5 and the Young Guns 6 goals.

February 12, 2005 - nICE job to everyone this week in getting the rink back into playing condition.  Between the warm weather and the snow storm there was a lot of work!

February 6, 2005 - The Full Moon looked like the old Moon with Both the Barton Boys playing.  Keith will do anything to keep his jersey for another year!  With Scott Howe and Jimmy Riley coaching the team looked good in defeat.

February 5, 2005 - The Full Moon Team would like to thank Aron & Bubba (goalie) for diving up from Scranton PA. to play today.  It is nice to see some dedicated Broomball players.  We appreciate you guys filling out our roster.

February 2, 2005 - McCann's 3-1 over American Tree.
American unable to capitalize on short handed McCann's w/o their goalie.

Iron Clad vs Frostbite 3-3 tie.
IC coughs up 3-1 lead with 10 minutes to go, yet holds on for a tie down 4 on 2 with 2 guys (Turcotte & Ingalls - interference) in the box in OT.

February 1, 2005 - Corrected Standings up to 30 Jan 05.  Frostbite and HIG are currently tied for 2nd place in the Northern Division with 7 points each.  Iron Clad and McCann's are tied for first in the Southern Division.  Tie breaker rules will come into effect, if needed, for final standings and playoff positions.

January 31, 2005 - PACO scores, and  Chris "the Young Gun" Howe scores another goal!  The Old Guys and the Young Guns of the Full Moon team are now even with four goals each!

January 30, 2005 - The Young Gun - Chris Howe, son of the O'Gun (Scott) scores two goals for the Full Moon!   Talk about Old, Bobby Beard scores a goal just a week short of his 58th Birthday!

January 29, 2005 - Daaaavvve Rubado Scores! Assisted by Kevin Kingsley and Tom D.  The Full Moon Old Guys look good, but need more scoring from their newly acquired young players.   Send your team Info/stats/highlights to

January 26, 2005 - Sir James Riley has been found!
Jimmy Riley and Kirk Barton returned to play for the Full Moon Broomball team Wednesday night!  Sir James found the goal, with one of two goals scored by the Full Moon.  New comer Dan Hewitt had the other goal.  These two goals were not quite enough, as the Frost Bite team took the victory!  It is nice to see that the Full Moon team did get enough players to field a team!  They are still looking for players to fill out their roster! (see message board)

 January 25, 2005 - A GREAT Start to the 2005 Season!
Games began on Saturday during a blizzard.  Between each game, 2-3 inches of snow had to be removed from the ice surface.  Teams did a great job of keeping the ice clean.  Sunday was another very cold day with a wind chill factor of (-15) degrees.  Then on January 24, 2005 - at the Glens Falls Civic Center, The Adirondack Booster Club Broomball team in conjunction with The Full Moon put on a brief exhibition game between periods of the UHL All-Star Game.  Total attendance for the All-Star game was well over 4,000.  Probably one of the largest crowds to see broomball in the Northeast.

**Everyone who worked around the clock to get the rink ready should be commended. GREAT JOB!

2005 Schedule is posted.

2005 Teams have been posted.

2005 Current Team Standings have been posted.

January 25, 2005

Broomball Exhibition at the All Star Game
The Adirondack Booster Club Broomball team in conjunction with The Full Moon will put on a brief exhibition game between the 1st and 2nd periods of the UHL All-Star Game at the Glens Falls Civic Center on Monday January 24th at approximately 8:15.

January 22, 2005 - Let the fun begin!
Games Begin Today! Schedule is as follows:

North Division
1) Home Imp. Gal.
4) ADK Tree Surg.
5) American Tree
8) Adk Frostbite
9) Full Moon

North Division
2) McCanns Pharmacy
3) Iron Clad
6) LaBatt
7) Poulin Roofing
Schedule for 2005 due out this weekend
Sat: 22 Jan
12:00 Lab @ IC
1:00 PR @ MP
2:00 AF @ ATS
3:00 FM @ HIG
4:00 ATS @ AT (ATS double header)

Sun: 23 Jan
12:30 IC @ PR
1:30 MO @ Lab
2:30 AT @ FM
3:30 HIG @ AF
(ATS off)

January 18, 2005 - Full Moon Team in search of players!

The Full Moon Broomball Team is in need of players to fill their roster. Games begin this week.  Any Player of league age or playing ability is welcome.   This is a great opportunity to play, learn or come back to the game.  The team is fully sponsored by the Full Moon Bar  & Grill.  Anyone interested in playing email Tom Darfler or call 747-3786.

January 2, 2005 - It is now Broomball time

Due to the weather, the new anticipated starting date is Wed 1/19/05.
After Wednesday's possible rain and Thursday's (54 degree) heat wave, we will have to go all-out Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon & next Tues to have ice and be ready to get started on Wed 1/19/05.
We're only starting a week later than last year and the 12 lost games will be made up.
Championship Sunday & Super Bowl Sunday will see full 4 game schedules, as opposed to last year, and a double header may need to be scheduled on a mid season Saturday...

League fee this year will be $425.00.

However, the early entry fee will still be $400.00 if paid by Friday 1/7/05.
Either way, a minimum $100 deposit is needed, by Friday 1/14/05, to be included on the schedule.
Checks can be made payable to the "Adirondack Broomball League".
As teams pay, that info will be posted on the ABL message board
Tentative starting date is Wed 1/19/05, weather permitting.
Teams should be prepared to start the season with a 1 (one) day notice on any given Wed, Thurs, Sat or Sun from 1/19/05 on...

Teams that have committed to play in the ABL so far are:

 Only 3 Teams remain to fill an eight team league!

Continue checking here for all your Broomball updates, or check out our message board!  

Happy New Year - from The ABL

January 2, 2005 - It is 2005 and time to get ready to play Broomball!  We Have less than one month to go!  Schedules should be coming out shortly!  Teams need to be assembled, and players need to get prepared.

It is time to get in shape - Physically (good Idea for your New Year's resolution.)

It is time to get ready - Mentally (a few beers out with the boys should do!)

It is time to think about - New Equipment - what better way to spend that Xmas money from your wife or girl friend!

I was lucky this Christmas and received new Broomball pants and a great Adirondack Broomball equipment bag (with name).  Must be I was pretty good, this past year!

Adirondack Broomball League 2004 

 Bono with Riley Cup

  **Gary Randall (Bono above), Full Moon and the ABL put on another outstanding League picnic/party!  If you missed it, the party started around 2:00 PM, May 1st at the Full Moon Bar and Grill.  Joe "Meade" Mama Band played all afternoon in the field.  Food was catered by the Full Moon, and of course there was FREE draft beer & soda.  Gary had plenty of give aways / raffle prizes for all!  Just before race time, a Kentucky Derby Calcutta was held, and after the race Bobby Beard was a smiling man.  The new Adirondack Broomball League Trophy was previewed / unveiled for the first time. 

The "Riley Cup" Named for Jim Riley the person who is associated with bringing Broomball to the area , as well as, running the league for many years!

Riley Cup


Riley Cup Close up

ABL Team of the Week  - 25 April 2004

ABL-Champs 2004  - Iron Clad

Iron Clad 2004 Champions of the Adirondack Broomball League!
2nd Place in the Northern Division and ABL Tournament Champions!

  **League party switched to May 1st at the Full Moon**

28 Feb 04 - Iron Clad League Champions Again!
2004 Adirondack Broomball Champs IC

2004 Adirondack Broomball League Champions - Iron Clad - celebrate after their 5-3 win over Dango's!

See Final League and Division standings on the Standings Page.  Playoff results to follow.

New Photos From Pepsi Tourney!
Check out the newest photos from the 2004 Pepsi Tourney.
More photos from the 2004 season will be up shortly!

See Tournament results here!

2004 Pepsi Champs

Congratulations to the Mother's of Peru
Adirondack Broomball's Pepsi Invitational Winners

Pepsi Invitational Broomball Tourney
February 14-15, Full Moon Rink, Glen Lake, New York.

Full Moon/Labatt vs Iron Clad/ATS 2004 Pepsi Tourney

19 April, 2004

Dangos 2nd Place ABL

The Team of the Week - Dangos - 1st Place Southern Division and 2nd Place over all in the ABL.  Also the runners up in the Pepsi Tournament. (loss in OT)

March 30, 2004

Adirondack Tree Surgeons - 2nd place Southern Division
This Week ABL features The Adirondack Tree Surgeons.  ATS were the runners up in the Southern Division for 2004.

The Players of ABL would like to thank the Randall's for the great night out at their home!  We should be ones throwing you a party for all you do for the league!

March 21, 2004
By popular demand from the fan(s) of the Big Uglies, here is their team photo, on the cover of the web page! 

This honor is right up there with being on the cover of the Rolling Stones.
**Big Uglies were the Northern Division CHAMPS
with a 11-1 season record. (Best record in the ABL)

Party at the Randall's House!
Saturday March 20th 
2004 ABL Commemorative Cups
Beer, Wine, Mixers and the famous 'no two batches are the same' punch will be provided along with hot and cold hors d'oeuvres.

Saturday March 20th at the Randall's.

(email Gary for directions, or click here for printable directions- same as last year).
6:00 -'til we get Tadd in the Cab.
(That's the person that put up with you during broomball season).

08 Mar 04 - Paid Column has been removed from Stats!  All teams are paid in Full.  The League would like to thank all the team sponsors for their generous support!

06 Mar 04 - New Broomball Links - I have added 30 new links to the Broomball Links Page.  Check out the sites and email me new links you would like added!

05 Mar 04 - Official Final Standings have been updated to reflect Overtime Losses, as per NHL.

The 2004 season ended on the 1st of March, with a "Beer Game" between the Red Devils and the Full Moon/Britton's Old Guys.  Yes, the Old Guys pulled out another WIN!   Paco scored one, Jimmy Riley scored two (just missing a hat trick), Kirk Barton added another, and
Tommy D. scores again!

Old Guys win 5-2 over the Devils!

Dave Stranahan had the game of the year in goal.

Scott Howe had  an assist or two, and played an outstanding defensive game.  Kevin Kingsley also had a great game on defense, and almost score with his "heat-seeking-moisture missile!"  Dave Rubado played his heart out on both the offensive line and the defensive lines.  This my fellow Broomballers is what happens when you put beer on the line with the Old Guys!

Shots on Goal !
Scotty, Kirk, Dave S. and Paco take their Shots on Goal.. Nothing gets by Dave!

FBMOGs would like to thank the Red Devils for the game and the BEER!  As always, the Full Moon/Britton's Old Guys ruled the Bar at the Full Moon Bar and Grill.

We would like to thank Tadd and Adam Casey for their sponsorship and for putting up with us Old Guys!  We would also like to thank our co-sponsor Britton's Blasting & Drilling!

25 Feb 04 - Playoff results Coach Bobby Beard did all he could do with the Old Timers, but in the end, the Big Uglies came out with a win over the Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys. In Wednesday Nights other game Dango's eliminated the Red Devils. Breaking News - Full Moon has challenged the Devils to a BEER game Monday night at 6:15!  No reason to end the season, the Ice is still here!

22 Feb 04 - The Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys make the playoffs for the first time in their 3 year history together!  They win a close one over Curtis Lumber (2-1) with a two goal performance by Kirk Barton! Barton's second goal coming with less than 30 seconds remaining in the game.  With this win, the FMBOG improve to three wins, one more than last year!

Today's match-ups have the top 2 teams in each division, from last years standings, playing against each other, and the bottom 2 teams from each division as well. Incredibly, none of these 4 games will have any significance in the division standings, for Big Uglies and Dango's clinched division titles on Saturday, Clad and Surgeons have 2nd places locked up as do Labatt and American have holds on 3rds. The only major factor might be Clad and Surgeons determining 3rd and 4th overall finishes for next years seedings, which would take an ATS win combined with an IC regulation loss, though a lot can change from year to year.
Warm weather haunts us during the day but the nights have still been freezing.
Dango's continues another super day of ice maintenance.
Full Moon & Red Devils, please hook up today to work out ice maintenance for this week.
I wouldn't count on Curtis, after their playoff elimination, but who knows, you can still ask them today...

20 Feb 04 - Big Uglies stretch their lead in the North to 3 points with a disappointing "no show/forfeit" by Curtis Lumber.

ATS handles Labatt 8-3 to retake 2nd in the South.
Big games for IC vs BU and the 2 Tree Companies on Sat to claim 1st and 2nd place trophies in their divisions.
Dango's has all but mathematically locked up 1st in the South.
Poor post-game attendance in the bar after the games. Someone mentioned the music being too loud.
Is it really an issue or not a concern? Post your opinions up on the message board at that's what it's there for, let's use it.
Another great ice making performance by Dango's

19 Feb 04 - Two outstanding games last night with the Old Guys scoring a W in OT against the Devils and the sub-less Dango's squad coming back from a 0-1 half time score, to lead 4-1 with under 2 minutes remaining, then hold off a late rush by American Tree and hang on for a 4-3 win.

Full Moon appears to have control of the final playoff spot in the North and Dango's puts a tighter grip on the southern division title.
Tonight the Big Uglies look to extend their lead in the North while ATS should be fired up to regain 2nd place in the South.
Outstanding ice maintenance by Dango's team on Mon, Tues & Wed., cold again tonight.
I would have to say that we have probably had the best ice conditions this year since broomball has been around.
Gotta give Old Man Winter a little credit, but the members of this league have really picked it up this year. has dropped the temperature forecast for this weekend and got rid of those nasty 40s.
Still could be a little messy on Saturday though.
Rumor has it that Bucko came out last night, saw his shadow, and predicts 2 more weeks of cold weather.
This could mean that the 2nd Annual Labatt Shootout could be on for March 6th...

Tommy D. SCORES for the Old Guy's!

Jimmy Riley Scores one!

Oh and by-the way Paco scores one in regulation, then scores again in OT, as the Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys beat the Red Devils 4-3 - Wed 18 Feb! 

With the win FMBOG Move into the PLAYOFFS!

HAPPY belated 57th BIRTHDAY BOBBY (B. B.) BEARD - Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys! -13th Feb! 

16 Feb 04 - 
HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY JIMMY RILEY - Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys!

16 Feb 04 -  Warm weather is on it's way.
40s, snow/rain, on Fri & Sat.
Today/tonight, Tues & Wed will be the best ice making conditions this week.
Dango's - please get together with your team and schedule which days certain players will be making ice.
Barrel method works great. Call with any questions: 321-4244

12 Feb 04 -  Gary Needs an update on Co-Rec for Friday Night!  Give Gary a call if interested.  Still in need of players, more or new girls!

9 Feb 04 -  Pepsi Invitational Broomball Tourney
February 14-15, Full Moon Rink, Glen Lake, New York.

1) Full Moon/Labatt - paid
2) Iron Clad/ATS - paid
3) American Tree - paid
4) Big Uglies - paid
5) Mothers (Peru) - sent check/paid
6) Oswego - last I heard, they're coming, they always do.
7) Dango’s - Matt said they are definitely going to be in.
8)                 (Last spot open).

Still Looking to Fill The last slot!
Red Devils/Curtis Lumber?
Can they put something together?
Entry Deadline, with $125 entry fee, is Thursday 2/12/04, 8:30pm - Drawing 9:00pm.
Today, 2/9/04, is the last day for early entry at the reduced fee of $100.
2 Pizzas & 2 dz wings to each paid entry, trophies, raffle and other events Saturday afternoon including:
Hardest shot, Longest shot, Speed/Skill and Powder Puff.
(2) 20 minute halves, outdoor short ice, 4 on 4, 7' x 5' goals, red line in/out, auto-icing, no-check, mercy rule.
8 Feb 04 -  The Full Moon/Britton's came close to a "Miracle on Ice" today as they had a 2-0 lead on Iron Clad!  The Clad came back to tie it up and pulled away.  The Old Guys did not let them get too far ahead, staying with them to the end!  The Final score was 10-6.  Kirk Barton had a "Hat Trick", Kevin Kingsley scored a couple and Scotty Howe scored one to round out the scoring for the Old Guys! 

Actually Sat. 31 January -Full Moon/Britton's Old Guys post their first "W" with an impressive 3-1 win over  Curtis Lumber.  These 2 teams will likely be battling it out for the 8th and final playoff spot, in a re-match, on the final day of the regular season.

A re-match of last years championship game and somewhat of a re-run.  Iron Clad 2-1 in OT over ATS, all 3 goals arguably disputed, but both teams knowing it's all part of the game, showed nothing but class when the game was over. Sporty hand shakes, hearing "Good game", "Good luck",

"Have a good season", etc., was a moral victory, in my eyes, for the good of our league.  Clean, physical game, with a little heckling that even carried over into the bar.  Great job guys!
Red Devils give the rink it's 6th consecutive dose of H2O in as many days, why is this daily scheduling thing looking so easy?

2 Feb 04 -The boys booked the rink for a little hockey again this year.  Figured it couldn't hurt anything, didn't interfere with brooms and best of all, the rink gets one more sheet of ice that can only help later in the season.  It all adds up, thanks boys!

1 Feb 04 - The Pepsi Tourney is only one weekend away.
Who's in? Who's out?
Who needs players? Who wants to play?
Communicate.  There's gonna be a goalie shortage with BJ & Timmy in FL that weekend. 

 Big Uglies & American Tree: Captains and C-committee, please get in touch with each other to establish a daily maintenance schedule for the week 2/2-2/8.
Schedule is on the wall at the Moon.  Amer Tree has picked some nights already but it's up to both teams to agree on.
Please put down names for each day for all to see who's doing all the work.
Red Devils: Chris, John, actually anybody, Adam says there has to be covers over the junction boxes ASAP.
Another fire inspection on Tues.  If anyone can take care of this Mon or Tues, let me or Adam know.  Also, one light is out.
Dango's and Curtis:  Please see John Ingalls or myself about the balance of your league fee.
Cleveland Tourney is March 12-13-14
Plattsburg Tourney is March 27-28
Don't assume, communicate.

27 Jan 04
- Don't want to jinx us, but Tadd said the Full Moon team did a great job on the ice tonight to start off the week.
Baden balls will be in tomorrow. A fluorescent orange color, official size & weight. Will put them into play starting Wed 1/28/04.  They are $25 each, no guarantee, they wont take them back. This is the same ball we had problems with 4 years ago with the bladders not holding air.
Am told they are holding up much better this year, use at your own risk. Balls have been a never ending problem.
Shoes are also expected in tomorrow for those waiting on 6's or 8's.

Games this week: 

Wednesday 28 Jan Thursday 29 Jan
6:15 American Tree - Iron Clad 6:15 American Tree - Big Uglies
7:15 Adk Tree Surgeons -  Full Moon/ Britton's 7:15 Dango's - Labatt
Saturday  31 January
12:30 Adk Tree Surgeons - Iron Clad 2:30 Big Uglies - Labatt
1:30 Curtis Lumber -  Full Moon/ Britton's 3:30 Red Devils - American Tree

** No League Games on Super Bowl Sunday

26 Jan 04 - The weekend games went off with out a hitch again this week.  The biggest problem right now is that it has been extremely cold!  Better than a warm thaw and no Ice!  Thanks goes out to the guys who made ice Saturday night!  On Sunday, the playing condition of the ice was excellent!  From what I have been hearing, these guys used barrels of water to lay down the ice. NICE Job!  

The Current standings can be found at Standings.

23 Jan 04 - Unfortunately, as of 6pm, the ice hasn't been touched since last nites 2nd game.
Co-rec is down to hopeless for tonight unless anyone decides to shovel soon, will try again for next Friday, looks more promising for Cindy & Jenn.
Any other gals interested, please Gary
ICE weather out there!
Hope our rink is nICE for tomorrows match-ups.


23 Jan 04 - Two outstanding games Thurs night:
IC 7 - FM 3
BU 5 - Dangos 4
Not the best of weather but we got both games in.  2nd game must have been a real beauty because no one would leave the sidelines to fetch balls.
Seriously though, we lost one ball Wed night and 2 in the 2nd game Thurs night.  Bringing your kids on Saturday? Challenge them to go find those big orange Easter eggs.
Friday Co-rec:
With Cindy out for the 1st week (Bday party), Jenn questionable right now and not hearing from anyone else yet,
I think tomorrow might not go. If anyone is planning on playing, let me know so I can tell others.
Need refs for 12:30 & 1:30 games on Sunday, don't all jump at once...


22 Jan 04 - Games will start on time this weekend,
If you have THREE players (2 & a goalie), you're starting.
Ice maintenance still going nicely.
There are garbage barrels near the red line on the parking lot side, by the cabana and behind the scorers booth.  Please try to keep "our" area cleaned up, we're gonna get blamed for the garbage, cans & bottles either way, so we might as well pick em up.
KB & SH - your jerseys are in, I'll bring them up with me or you can pick them up today.
Adam - your 2 jerseys are #ed.
Wed scores:
ATS 2 - AT 2 OT final
Labatt 13 - Curtis 1
6:15 FM vs IC
7:15 BU vs Dango's

21 Jan 04 - Baden balls are on order, should be in early next week.
Still running hose from cellar, hope to get the outside faucets fixed soon.  Center line was repainted tonight with a red better line on the north wall as well.  Face off circles have been moved a little closer to the walls, I had the deep ones
too close to the goalies.
So far, a great start by Big Uglies and American Tree working out their ice maintenance schedule for Mon & Tues.  Teams will be recognized for doing their share, as well as not, however these emails are not intended to defame any of the teams or players in our league when examples are given.
Which brings up my next point about starting games on time.
Saturday's 12:30 game started at approx 12:32 as players were just arriving and running on to the ice.  These games were scheduled at noon last year and moving them to 12:30 doesn't appear to matter.  However, thanks to Lou Campbell who runs the Korbel Short Ice Tournament with a first prize of $4000.00, (yes 4 grand), we will be able to adapt to some of their rules made for 4 on 4 short ice broomball.  (I will forward everyone the email he sent me when I get time) but starting with Saturday's 12:30 games, if a team has a total of 3 (three) players at game time, the game will begin.  Thus 4 on 2 (w/goalies) can be an official start. Reason being, "If one team knows that they are a stronger team, then playing with three is not a disadvantage.  Having only two players is and can change the direction of the game".  I know some players are always reluctant to change, but the rule only makes sense,
we have been punishing players in the past for showing up on time by making them wait for late arrivals.  The starting times this year have been moved forward, so there should be less excuses.  Keep in mind that the new mercy rule may shorten games up by 5 minutes as well.  All teams will be getting their notices of this change on Wed & Thurs.
Most all of the work is done now, and everything has been going smoothly.  What could possibly disrupt such a great start to this 2004 season?

18 Jan 04 -The 2004 Season began Saturday the 17th of January.  Things went pretty smooth for most!  Things were not so smooth for the Full Moon / Britton's Old Guys!  The Big Uglies dominated their game

Schedule is complete  Check out the 2004 schedule

Great job by Mike Stranahan getting the 50_50 going!  It's nice to see different faces out selling those tickets. Who's next?  We sold $120 worth of tickets, raising $60 for our league.  The first $300 raised will be donated to Bay Ridge for flooding our rink.  Hopefully, we can continue to raise more money for the league to help with the costs of getting all the snow blowers running properly.  Thanks go out to Kirk Barton and Scott Howe for taking care of getting the snow blowers tuned up and ready , this investment should last us a few years...

Captains, committee and teams in charge of ice this week, starting Monday 1/19, need to get in contact with each other to schedule who is doing which days.  Iron Clad flooded Sunday, there was a little snow, so it could be a little rough and in need of a smoother watering before Wed. I will take care of painting the centerline. As of Sunday, the hose has to be run from the cellar until the outside faucets are repaired.

Have a great season, and make it an ICE week!