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Adirondack Broomball League
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Broomball Shoe
Forest Ice Traction Outdoor Shoe
This is a very good quality shoe with great traction. (indoor or outdoor)

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Mylec Helmet  

Mylec Helmets  w/ cage/mask

Available in Black or White


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STX Pads
STX Goalie Chest Protector #CST $66.75

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Elbow Pads

STX Flex Elbow Pads
Lightweight, improved overall construction for durability and fit.


Titan Gloves

Titan Broomball Gloves
Style #68-030

Competition level match play broomball gloves, nova suede leather palm for excellent grip. Neoprene Padded foam back and wrist for maximum protection.

Sizes: S,M,L,XL

Color: Black



Acacia Pants
Acacia Broomball Pants

Broomball Pants (Style #19-401)

Wide leg design with foam knee pads for extra protection. Specially designed for broomball and other contact sports. Material made of 100% top quality polyester.
Elastic waist with drawstring made for a snug fit.

Size: AS, AM, AL, AXL

Colors: Black / White



Laser, White Aluminum Shaft 46" tall. 648 grams.

Standard aluminum. Durable, Affordable. Get some.

621 pounds of Pressure to cause failure.




Titan, Silver Aluminum Alloy. 46" tall. Weight 610 grams.

Lighter than the Laser in cool Slick QuickSilver color!

585 pounds of pressure to cause failure.



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